Date:  15-Sep-2022


Assistant Technician - Testing



  • Support the execution of Testing/Assembly work by providing technical help
  • Test materials & components being installed
  • Co-operate with inspection personnel
  • Maintain records as per QMS standard
  • Provide technical support as well as ensuring work carried out with Health & Safety regulatory compliance
  • Complete testing/assembly reports after each assignment
  • Control service consumables & spare parts availability
  • Perform pre-assembly activities such as cleaning and lubricating.
  • Perform final checks and adjustments for any defects to ensure high quality products.
  • Perform installation, repair, inspection, reassembly, replacing, refitting, and adjusting products as required.
  • Receive, unload, unpack and transfer materials to different workstations.
  • Maintain work area clean, safe and orderly.
  • Perform other duties as directed by management



  • 3 to 5 years of work experience in related job in similar position
  • Craft apprentice ship or Industrial training is preferred



  • High school education (ITI Pre-Degree)
Delta Corporation