Date:  30-Dec-2022


Head of Procurement


Purchase Configuration & System:

  • Constantly review and ensure accurate purchasing master data in system which include ‐ unit conversion, families & its structure, purchasing order & price unit, vendor item prices & discount, manufacturer part number, vendorrecords & rating criteria, RFQ evaluation criteria.
  • Review and develop various purchase documents and templates such as LC request, order confirmation, RFQ & RFQ evaluation, competitive bidding/tender, contracts, and product costing.
  • Develop adequate multiple vendor/source for purchasing needs and strongly monitor their performance in terms of quality & technical compliance, delivery, response time, technical collaboration & value engineering and prices performance.


Transaction Control and Efficiency:

  • Review and approve Purchase Requisition (PR) & Request for Quotation (RFQ) prepared
  • Ensure that the best fit selection & recommendation (RFQ evaluation), requirement consolidation, technical and delivery compliance, budget/cost performance, prompt internal customer feedback & status monitoring areproperly reflected and adhered to in the purchase process.
  • Engage with Vendor with clearly defined scope & requirement in purchase order. Ensure purchase order life‐cycleevent; order approval, acknowledgement, technical clarification, payment arrangement, ITP & follow‐up, shipmentnotices, QA documentation and final receipt, are promptly monitored, processed and recorded Incorporate long/short term contract for purchasing needs.



  • Coordinate with the management on work issues
  • Send periodic reports as per management needs
  • Attend the required meetings or workshops as per management request
  • Perform other duties required by the management within the work scope


Delta Corporation