Date:  08-Sep-2022


Recruitment Specialist


Manpower Planning

• Communicate with managers to set and develop the man power planning as per the organization structure

• Align with the managers and HR head for the critical position to prepare the replacement whenever needed as per manpower capacity


• Identify efficient and cost effective resourcing channels

• Monitor the performance of external entities acting as resourcing channels (Recruitment agencies, manpower supply agencies)

• Set and secure approval on the recruitment budget according to the company and HR strategic objectives

• Design and initiate Employee Referral Scheme as per the Policy

• Develop new agencies to match the resource diversification


• Plan the hiring action plan to fill the vacancies as per the manpower plan

• Execute and supervise own team in pre-screening and/or final phone/face to face interviews for junior & mid-level and Top Management positions & support all parties in concern with assessment based on competencies

• Coordinate and follow up with department managers to fill the vacancies

• Co-authorize and Issue job offer and communicate with the candidate’s until signing the contract & on boarding

General Administration & Support

• Guide in the setup of the induction process for new joiners and liaise with departments to arrange the necessary requirements for all the new joiners.

• Ensure arrangements are done for all the new joiners


• 5 to 7 years of work experience in similar position

Delta Corporation