Date:  31-Dec-2022


Sr. Design Engineer - Valves


Design & Development:

  • Design & develop flow control equipment for surface wellheads (gate valves, chokes, actuators. trees, etc.) according to the customers and API requirements.
  • Plan and manage the project execution to meet company commitments and customer deliveries.
  • Create and review installation/ maintenance manuals, assembly/test procedures for the flow control equipment.
  • Present recommendations/solutions concerning field issues, designs, material selections, and project related execution to upper management and the client


Design Review & Release:

  • Evaluate and perform Engineering Change Note (ECN) related to the fit, form and function of flow control equipment
  • Review design calculations, stack-up/tolerances and other technical studies as it pertains to the development of flow control equipment.
  • Review and update Delta design standards for flow control equipment towards flow control equipment standardization.
  • Approve and release layout drawings, raw material drawings, component drawings, assembly drawings, and associated documents to support execution operations.
  • Review and release Bill Of Material (BOM) in accordance with customer specification and related standards.
  • Perform design reviews to ensure compliance with customers and API requirements.
  • Dispose Non-Conformance (NCR) related to the fit, form and function of the flow control equipment.


Cross-functional Coordination:

  • Work with cross-functional teams on business strategy and execution to obtain desired results efficiently
  • Follow up on qualification/validation progress and review qualification/validation report to ensure compliance with customers and API PR2F requirements.
  • Follow up on procured items (fittings, seals, etc.) related to on-hand projects to ensure it meets the schedule and the technical requirement.
  • Arrange field visits when necessary to assist customer with functional related issues of flow control equipment


Design Package Review:



  • Review and ensure Design packages consist of comprehensive and accurate items (i.e. Component Drawings, Design Plan, Design Input, Layout Drawings, Test Procedure, Running Procedures, Design Verification, Design Validation, Design Practice etc.)
  • Approve and update design packages and the associated documents.
  • Ensure the Design Packages are updated with the necessary changes to any of its components in a timely manner for the ongoing projects
  • Release Engineering Change Note (ECN) related to Design Package to the respective stakeholders.


Team Supervision:

  • Lead, assist and guide the team to accomplish the required jobs
  • Provide proper guidance and supervision to the team
  • Manage day to day work and make sure that goals are achieved
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